7 hilarious things synonymous to being a side chick in Nigeria

What do people say about life being difficult? You should check out the life of a typical side chick in Nigeria.
Dating a regular guy is hard enough for many ladies, what beats me however, is the fact that some ladies decide to date men older than them. This is not even a problem as there are many unmarried men in the society that are old as well. However, being in a relationship with a man who is married makes you the side chick.
Without trying to label anyone as being bad, I understand that these girls also have their own reasons for dating men that are married. For some it is to avoid commitment in relationships, for many it is for the material gain and for others it is just for the fun of it.
Boredom hits people hard in different ways and you never can tell what a young lady may be prompted to do. Remember what is often said about the idle hand. But in view of all these, relativity matters. One man’s food is another man’s poison.
Without delving much into the things that could prompt a lady to become the side chick of a Nigerian man, find below some of the things synonymous to being a side chick in Nigeria:
1. Unknown relationship status
While Facebook may allow people to choose a status to describe their relationship stance, a side chic’s relationship status is hard to know. One cannot really assume if it is a complicated relationship as some girls like the clause attached to it.
Some people would not even call it a relationship in the first place. Many side chicks would click the hit button when they see ‘Just there’ as a relationship status.
2. When the man saves her name as ‘Muri panel-beater’
Various obscene names are used to save the phone numbers of most of the side chicks in Nigeria. One really cannot blame the men as they do not want to be caught by their legal wives.
Many men try to avoid the scandal associated with having a side chic especially if they have something to protect
3. Attending an event together may be difficult
In proper relationships, couples can afford to go out and hold hands in public. Many side chicks do not enjoy this luxury as most Nigerian men are conscious of the sentiments being spewed in the society.
For the very smart men, taking pictures with them could be difficult as they do not want to be implicated in any way.
4. When the man ‘shifts’ when he senses attachment
Most men in Nigeria love playing safe when dealing with side chicks; they naturally start to give excuses when they see that a lady is getting too attached and starting to fall in love.
Having a side chic is a convenient arrangement for most men; thus, finding a girl who becomes too demanding would make them shift base.
5. When the men are being asked about future plans
Most men twist their faces when the side chicks ask them about future plans. They start to calculate and look for ways to address the situation before it gets out of hands
6. When the men want to go meet the main chick
Many side chicks become defensive during this period and do everything to tag along. They cannot help not being jealous of the main chick when she is being mentioned. Most men also become sensitive when the side chick starts to ask of the main chick.
7. When the side chick accuses him of cheating
This is not only hilarious, it is dumbfounding. Many side chicks accuse Nigerian men of cheating on them and act like the main chick when they are just ‘main chick helpers’. Was the man ever faithful in the first place?

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