Amazing fruit charger lifehack for the dead phone battery

What if your phone battery dies, you are in the middle of nowhere and urgently need to make a call? Such situations are pretty common. Well, if you got some fruit with you for a snack, there is no problem. This video teaches you how to charge a phone with fruit!
What this man does it amazing! He just uses a USB cable and an apple for charging his phone. You can use other fruits, too. For instance, lemons work extremely well. Oranges are good, too. Fruits work like batteries. At times just one lemon or orange is not enough, and you can use several of them to increase the charging power.
However, be prepared to clean well your USB after using it like that or getting a new one! Do not stick it into your PC after using it on fruit. This man does a very simple, but amazing thing. It can save you in many situations when the call is urgent, and the battery goes down. Watch it and practice at home before you use it in an extreme case!oranf

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