Buhari sends inspiring message to Nigerians

President Muhammadu Buhari addressing Abuja Imams at his residence in Abuja.
PresidentMuhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to work and pray for Nigeria to prosper as they do not have another country.
Buhari was speaking on June 28, Tuesday, breaking his Ramadan fast with a delegation of Islamic clerics, Vanguard reports.
The president said that incumbent leaders have a duty to make the country livable for all residents of all walks of life comprising posterity.

He asked the people to tolerate and show understanding amongst themselves.
“I’m very pleased we have actually met. Before the Ramadan, I met our Christians brothers from all over the country and we exchange ideas with them,”
President Buhari said.
“I’m very pleased we realized that this is our problem; the country’s problem is our problem. Nobody will solve it for us. We pray very hard to God. We work very hard and let us continue that way.
“I believe the riches God endows unto Nigeria, we will realize; our children will realize; our great grandchildren will realize.
“If we have problems, this is the only country we have. I said it more than 30 years ago. We quickly go out, we go to pray in Saudi Arabia, we go maybe to other developed countries, but this is home.
“This is where God put us and we have to stay here and pray many times per day for God to guide us so that we can leave a better country to the next generation.’’
On his own part, the Chief Imam of Zone 3 Juma’at Mosque, Imam Tajudeen Mohammad said they would continue to pray for one Nigeria.
“Our lamentation was on the state of the nation then, the insecurity in the country. We emphasized on this table to you, sir, that you should take radical measures towards solving the malaise and other vices facing the nation. Today, we are happy to be here and to thank you that God has given you the opportunity in dealing with the problems,’’ the cleric said.

On June 22, President Buhari for the first time met with the management and staff of the State House.
During the meeting he said that anybody who thought of any other country than Nigeria can go.

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