Don’t Try To Do It All.

07/25/2016 Daniel Musa 0

Don’t try to do it all. If you can afford to outsource the tedious tasks, do it! Your time is only as valuable as you decide it is. If you can create a product or write an e-book, isn’t that what you should be doing instead of spending day-after-day setting […]

No Picture


07/21/2016 Daniel Musa 0

People are almost twice as likely to click an image versus a text link. Images can provide a personal touch to your site, convey trust, and provide visual confirmation to sooth any doubts. Make sure your site is oriented visually to help you deliver your message.   Great Morning.   […]

No Picture

Never put your email directly on your website

07/20/2016 Daniel Musa 0

Never put your email directly on your website, but instead put a contact form. Otherwise, you will find unethical internet hackers will scrape your email address and use it not only to spam you, but they may also spoof your email as the source of their spam campaign, tarnishing your […]