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1. Four finals might never happen again – For the fact that a player of his quality has the opportunity to play in four mega finals in the last eight years – three of which Messi was the leader of the team, – could be enough to frustrate him out of the national team.
Messi and Mascherano are thinking of international retirment
His comments after the epic battle against Chile states clearly that “it was never meant to be” shows the feeling of failure and dejection from the player and calling it quit consoles his emotions.
2. Failure is an orphan – Success houses many followers but the reverse is the case for someone who does not achieve, and so it was in the case of the greatest player in La Liga history.
The Argentine fans have always called for Messi’s head after losing out in a tournament especially in the last hurdle because they want to enjoy the success their captain has given to the Cataluna fans of Barcelona.
Messi with his Ballon d’Or trophies
For a player who just turned 29 with 261 Assists, 28 Trophies, 39 Hat-tricks, 5 Ballon d’Or and 3 Golden Boots without a senior trophy for Argentina, Mess must surely be pained.
3. Age is not on his side – The next major tournament is the World Cup in Russia 2018 which is in two years time and the boy from Rosario would have grown into a 31-year-old and definitely his prime would be in the decline.
Argentina’s Lionel Messi takes a penalty for Argentina
Messi will be playing more with head because his quickness on the ball might not pose a treat to opponents which might psychologically affect the progress of the team when the main man can not deliver them any longer.
4. He feels there is nothing more he can do – Close followers of football would observe that the mercurial midfielder has played in all the departments of the attack and midfield while wearing the colours of the sky blue and white stripe for his country.
In 2007 Messi played as a winger to supply crosses for Gonzalo Huguain in the attack while since 2010 he dropped deep into the midfield to assist Sergio Aguero and the Napoli striker.
Despite his predicament, he has always come out as top scorer above other strikers in the team and he might be feeling he has done all he could within his ability to help his nation win a major trophy.
5. Non-acceptance – The people of Argentina have always been skeptical seeing Messi as their own, their mentality of perceiving him as a Spanish-born citizen still sends the message that he is not completely their own.

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