Dad who impregnated his 15-year-old daughter arrested

The alleged rapist, Raymond Anyanwu
41-year-old Anyanwu said he committed the abominable act out of frustration after losing his job. Here’s what he said:
“I started sleeping with my 15-year-old daughter sometime around January, after I lost my job. I am a transporter, but I took to alcohol after I lost my job and could not meet up with my responsibilities as the head of the house.”
Anyanwu also admitted to sleeping with his daughter after his wife leaves for work and how his trouble started after his daughter’s aunty suspected that she was pregnant.
The aunty had carried out a home pregnancy test and determined that the 15-year-old was pregnant, prompting her to confess that her father was responsible for her pregnancy.

Her mother who was later arrested for aborting the pregnancy, was said to have decided to keep it down low as a family secret after she was beaten up and threatened by her husband not to tell anyone.
The case is currently being investigated at the Gender Unit of the Lagos state police command, and will be charged to the Ikeja magistrate court today, June 28.

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