Governor Fayose reacts to bombings by Niger Delta Avengers


– The governor warned that damage of oil facilities would have a negative impact on Nigeria’s economy, suggested a mild approach

– Recent reports, however, prove the Nigerian authorities are likely to use force in the south-south region as a mean of retaliation

Governor Fayose commented on the issue of incessant bombings of oil facilities on Saturday, May 28.

The leader of Ekiti state urged the federal government to use dialogue, not force, in order to solve the crisis in the Niger Delta region.

Fayose expressed confidence that use of soft power will lead to resolution of the problem.

He further warned that damage suffered by the oil facilities in Delta and Bayelsa would hamper the flow of revenue for the Nigeria’s economy.

“The federal government should use dialogue to resolve the Niger Delta issue and stem the tide of incessant bombing of oil facilities that is impending the flow of revenue to the nation’s coffers,” Fayose said.

In a similar vein, the Bayelsa state government did not rule out the possibilities for dialogue , but insisted in strong words that the bombings must end immediately.

It is unlikely that the government would be mild to ‘Niger Delta Avengers’, a new group of armed militants who have been especially active in the last three days, since May 26.

At about 2am on Saturday, May 28, dozens of soldiers invaded Tompolo’s birthplace in Delta state, initiated mass arrests while searching for ‘avengers’. The action is connected to the latest bombing and new threats issued by the NDA.

Sovereignty is on the list of militants’ demands, based on information available on their Twitter handle:

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