Nigeria will have no peace with Buhari

Editor’s note: Since Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration in May 2015 the Nigerian army has freed thousands of Boko Haram captives as they have resized large swaths of territory where the sect had declared an Islamic caliphate.
While, the Buhari government is winning the war against the Boko haram insurgency, the other challenges are emerging in Nigeria.
Niger Delta militants and pro-Biafra activists call on the Nigerian government to organize a referendum to decide the fate of different zones in the country.
One of the readers in this opinion piece supposes that Nigeria will have no peace with Buhari as the president.
Since the time Muhammadu Buhari has been campaigned, I keep telling my people that who they want to elect as a president is not worthy to be him.
I keep telling them that Goodluck Jonathan is a man of mandate whose almighty was sent to come and save his people but as you can see, tribalism and religious affiliation do not allow the will of God to come to pass.

I am repeating what I said initially that as long as President Buhari remains the president of Nigeria, the country will have no peace. I heard the American intelligent that describe Buhari as the problem of Nigeria, and it is true because if you around you will understand it.
It has been just a year and one month since he was sworn into the government, now you can see the negative change that is Nigeria: boarders are closed, rice has now been taken as illegal product, clothes and shoes are now very irritating goods, just for a year.
Dear Buhari, change we have seen with you is enough.

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