Nigerian army generals stealing soldier’s wages

Editor’s Note: The Nigerian army is the most respected institution in the nation according to the results of a recent poll of the Nigerian public. However, senior officers and generals serving in the force have recently been accused of stealing their wagers. A reader and serving soldier has reached out to us to describe how he is being stolen from. Read his words.

Dear Sir. We are Nigerian soldiers serving in Liberia since July 2015 for a UN peacekeeping operation. We are a unit of 700 soldiers called NIBATT 37 UNMIL.

The UN is paying us our monthly salaries through our account with Diamond bank in Nigeria, as we are here all the time, but when we get paid we receive an alert because the MTN network works here in Liberia.

This payment comes from the UN, not the Nigerian army. It has been a long time since we received an alert for that payment again, and when we contacted Diamond bank they said our account had been frozen.

We soldiers here in Liberia are not happy with this level of impunity in the system. Is this the change our families wanted, that we voted for?

For what reason our account is been frozen? Why are our so-called generals always treating us as slaves?

We learnt that our generals, who have collaborated with Diamond bank, froze our account in order to use our money run business and enrich themselves.

We already know the logic. Mr President, you said you are fighting corruption, is the Nigerian army under your watch? Please advise your army’s generals to desist from their sense of entitlement.

God bless Nigeria.

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