Probe Borno elders on Boko Haram – NDMG tells Buhari


Engr Adeka Onyilo, the UK Coordinator of the NDMG released a statement baring the thought of the group on what the federal government should do regarding getting to the root cause of the Chibok girl’s abduction..

Engr Onyilo wondered why it is only Borno state that the insurgency is still going on. He added that a special investigation should be carried out in Borno state because other states where Boko Haram attacks used to be frequent are getting out of the problem.

The group released a statement which contained words of their intent on Sunday, May 29. The statement reads:

“Our recommendation at this point is for the Federal Government to set up a Board of Inquiry into the roles being played by all those that present themselves as the leaders of that state. Events in Borno have shown that Boko Haram terrorists thrive on more than the support of urchins and unemployed youths.

The insurgents have proven that the support they enjoy in the area is at an organisational level and possibly with state dimension. The Federal Government can therefore not make headway in the place if those that pretend to support it in the anti-terror fight are actually undermining its efforts by deliberately creating situations that allow the crisis to persist.

“To make sure that the terror group is dealt a final blow that will allow the country know peace, anyone or group implicated in sustaining Boko Haram, whether directly or through acts of sabotaging the Federal Government’s efforts must be made to face the law.

“Mr President can no longer allow such compromised persons to continue wielding influence in Borno and environs as their continued support for terrorism could drag the ongoing fight into a stalemate.”

It was a few days ago that President Buhari reiterated his resolve to eradicate Boko Haram insurgents from the shores of Nigeria.

While speaking further, NDMG said the Chibok girls who are in captivity is as a result of certain groups are playing politics with the lives of the girl, as well as getting monetary gains from the sad event.

The group concluded that before October 1, when Nigeria will be marking her independence, the girls should have rescued before then.

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